Case Study: Garage Site Development, Romford

Case Study: Garage Site Development, Romford

LocationVarious locations within the London Borough of Havering
ClientHavering Council


Regeneration of over 70 redundant, dilapidated garage blocks for the provision of affordable housing


Initially, all of the council’s underutilised garage sites were appraised for the potential to be developed for residential purposes. After the appraisals, the suitable sites were packaged within seven parcels and tendered to registered providers for the provision of affordable housing for rent. Following the tender process, three housing associations were chosen to develop the seven parcels. The successful providers included East Thames, Estuary, and the London and Quadrant Housing Associations. Development agreements were put in place with each of the housing associations together with agreed timescales.
After the completion of legal documentation, the registered providers applied for planning consent for the proposed developments. During the planning process, some of the sites were found to be unsuitable for development and were replaced with alternative sites, as the legal documentation had been drafted in such a way as to allow for substitutions. Once planning consent had been obtained, the providers quickly proceeded to develop the sites.


Approximately 150 new houses and bungalows for rent were developed and offered to local residents on the housing list. Another benefit of the new housing developments was the reduction in antisocial behaviour that had been occurring around the dilapidated garages.